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About 1031Gateway

Our affiliates have helped clients close over $1 billion in net-leased and other passive income-producing real estate. We provide access to the largest buyers of triple net and commercial real estate in the country.

About Our 1031 Property

  • Close escrow in as little as 2–3 days
  • Non-recourse financing (35–75% LTV)
  • 6–8% initial cash flow
  • Exclusive off-market properties
  • Pre-vetted net-leased properties
  • Industry-leading due diligence available


How It Works

  1. Complete the form above.
  2. Click "Get Access."
  3. Receive access to 1031 exchange properties through your own personal 1031 exchange advisor.

Our 1031 Exchange Resources

The Ultimate 1031 Exchange Guide

This is a comprehensive, all-in-one resource that will guide you through the successful deferral of your taxes through a 1031 exchange.

Save the 1031

Help Us Save the 1031 Exchange!

Congress is working on a bill that would devastate millions of Americans by taxing us on income that we never receive—but you can help us stop it!

1031 Exchange Property

Learn About Our 1031 Exchange Property

View past 1031 exchange and investment properties, get access to current properties, or get in touch with a 1031 exchange advisor.